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As an ordained Minister, with the legal right to use the title "Reverend", you are free to preach and counsel as your heart dictates. You are also authorized to perform all functions of the ministry including marriages, baptisms, funerals, services, etc, subject to local regulations (which may require local registration and licensing). The performing of standard religious ceremonies alone can be a financially rewarding career.

Ordination means to invest with ministerial or sacerdotal functions; confer holy orders upon [The American College Dictionary]. The term does not appear at all in the New Testament. It was created by Man.

You will greatly appreciate the services offered by the Akkadian College of Divinity when you receive your doctorate. We assume that you are a person of integrity. Would you really like someone to find out that you had never studied but received a doctorate from a 'diploma mill' in exchange for just a few dollars? You would not want to have a degree that is suspect. These diploma mills come and go: we have been around since 1984, but have only just recently launched our services on the Internet.

This should also greatly appeal to women, whether or not they plan to take up a career in the ministry or related work sphere. It constitutes an offer which is without equal in obtaining real knowledge about life in all its aspects as well as gaining recognition in the community, in a relatively short timespan and at minimal cost.

Just the ability to use the prefix "Dr" before your name increases your standing in the community immeasurably. And this degree is earned - it is not an honorary degree, as many doctorates are. Not too many practising ministers have a doctorate. It will be found useful in many careers - not just the ministry - healers, counselors, lecturers and authors, especially of spiritual books, will find it a significant advantage. It will also raise your own self-esteem.

As soon as you receive your ordination papers you may practise the ministry legally. As a minister, preacher or missionary you may start your own congregation, even if meetings are held in your own home. Remember that the appointment of elders and deacons within the church is not done on a hierarchical basis: they are appointed to pastoral offices of leadership or service, and there is no holy rite involved in their appointment.

We can help in creating the founding document (Charter) for your unincorporated church: we do NOT recommend that you incorporate your church as that puts you under government control - you become a government church. That is a major mistake that is not generally recognised. To protect church assets we also recommend the use of the Common Law Corporation Sole, which is available at a special price.

When you finish the course you could take out membership in Mission St Michael, unless you already serve in another church. This ongoing affiliation protects your credibility as an ordained minister. We will also send you by e-mail a monthly bulletin, reinforcing your affiliation. The membership dues are payable annually in advance on the date your Ordination Certificate is issued.

In coming to a fuller and deeper understanding of life, you will be able to appreciate and live a wholistic lifestyle, maintaining balance in mind, body and spirit; able to heal yourself and others, and to pass this enhanced wisdom on to others. You will no longer be involved in the "My God is better than your God" syndrome. You will relinquish religious dogmas for a philosophy that is based solely upon Truth. In so doing you will help to make this a better world for all. However, this does not infer that the path of the righteous is an easy one ......

By visiting our many websites you will remain in contact with us and receive up-to-date reports on the dangers that beset us during these current, troubling times, and have access to the most encouraging words ever written when they are most needed, helping to eliminate the stress in your life as well as helping you live your dream.

But the most important reason for becoming a student is that, right now, this is the ONLY source teaching on the SECOND COMING by 2012, the revised doctrines and the consequent break-up of most churches. The people will revolt when they hear the original Truth and will demand to know why they have been so misled (if you are a pastor, you must be prepared for that). The Church of the future will be very different - and you are in a position to 'keep your job' in face of everything if you adapt to the original teachings from the Man of Galilee and his many messengers.

Nowhere else is there a course of study based on the real TRUTH behind the sacred books of old. Giving out this information is tantamount to giving up control over the people. Until now this information has been wrapped in 'mysticism.' These TRUTHS have been re-presented for the present day and will be much appreciated by those who have been so perplexed by the many inconsistencies of the traditional Church. This is like a breath of fresh air, invigorating the soul. Enjoy!

PS: This is the only course dealing with the SECOND COMING by 2012!!

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