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Akkadian College of Divinity: The promised Bow in the Sky?
The promised "Bow in the Sky"?
Akkadian College of Divinity: Extract from the Dead Sea Scrolls, an exhibit at the Library of Congress, Washington DC

EXTRACT from the Dead Sea Scrolls:

"And thus shall it come to pass in the generation of two times a thousand years, that these things shall come into fulfillment."

"The new prophet of that far away future time ......... revelations about my real teaching will shake up the structure of the whole Earth, because at this time the world will be inundated by my teachings which have been distorted and falsified by the scribes, and the Earth will live in a false cult which will bring it death. Before the two times a thousand years are past, the new prophet will reveal my unfalsified teaching in small groups, as I teach in small groups my trusted friends and disciples, the wisdom and knowledge of the Laws of The Creation. And it shall not be given to know until that time whether it shall be that the prophet is of male or female.

"And it will become true in two times a thousand years, when man has become aware and thinking, that my real, unfalsified teaching will be revealed anew."

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