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The founder of Mission St Michael, The Temple of St Michael, the Akkadian College of Divinity and First Church of St Germain was truly born in the Church and spent his formative years in the very austere, Victorian environment of a strict Scottish presbyterian clerical circle, where his father was a renowned minister and evangelist, a 'paradigm pioneer' whose evangelistic targets varied from the children of the streets to the inhabitants of 'new towns' - communities where no churches had as yet been built.

In this milieu, regrettably, narrow-mindedness was the goal, and 'modernists' (or non-conformists) were anathema to the soul .....

Of course he also had his own congregation to look after, until he resigned to become the church's first roving evangelist, in charge of the Highways and Byways Mission which he himself had founded. His energy was unbounded, yet eventually his own undoing. The Rev John Murdo Macleod passed away in 1975, after a second heart attack, running (as was his wont) to catch an earlier than necessary train. From his hospital bed he made all arrangements for his own funeral.

During World War II he was Presbyterian Chaplain for the West Coast of Scotland, raising funds for and opening several "canteens" (such as "An Aros" - a Scottish Gaelic name) - principally for the Navy - which were havens of rest for those away from home, and all were held in high esteem. During this period connections were made with the clerics of many different denominations and evangelism took an upper hand. Later he was a member of the Committee to bring Billy Graham to Scotland (1953) and Rev. Billy Graham stayed with him at the Leith Free Church Manse in Edinburgh.

On several occasions he turned down his 'turn' to become Moderator of the General Assembly, a position of great prestige which he felt was too pompous and formal, restricting his really productive pursuits.

His firstborn son was expected to follow in his footsteps, but the path he took was quite different. Yet he shared the "paradigm pioneer" attributes of his father, introducing an annual Youth Conference for the young people of the church while still at university in Edinburgh, a project which angered the traditional divinity students of his day. They strenuously voiced the opinion that youth had to listen to their elders, not go off holding their own conventions. The church student association was split, but the convention is now well past its 50th anniversary.

After a career in military intelligence, then in government, he retired to the world of the Internet, continuing to spread the knowledge that he had gained to a much wider audience. He too preferred a low-profile style of living.

When he left home - and effectively the church - for the military, he had felt that something was missing from Church creeds, but could not put his finger on exactly what it was. He was an avid reader, and finally the light came on while researching the works of Edgar Cayce - clerics today are still horrified and turn pale when that name is mentioned ..... Reading then suddenly intensified, one book after another being 'placed' before him in an order which was clearly 'ordered' by an unseen authority, rapidly filling the gaps and inconsistencies of the dogmas instilled in his youth. The difference between 'religion' and 'spirituality' was becoming clearer.

By the late 1980s he had set up several non-profit organisations, including a Religious Order and a registered charity, as vessels to carry the message to different audiences, and multiple meetings were being held weekly at his home. In the meantime he has created many unique business plans for humanitarian and environmental projects, including the instructions to "Feed My Sheep".

As prophesied, 'the Word' was once more to go out to the peoples of Earth before the ending of this age (2,000 years) and the volumes which held these vital, uncensored messages were recognised, imported into Canada and distributed at cost, some of them being scanned and published on the Internet for an even wider audience. They form a significant part of this course.

A library of almost 2,000 volumes had been accumulated as a repository of knowledge. A College of Divinity was then created in order to share this accumulated wisdom and enable those earnestly seeking Truth to study this treasure trove and grow in understanding, being awarded degrees in 'spirituality' rather than the 'doctored' religion which had been spread for so long, keeping real knowledge away from the people.

Together with others of like mind, this important offering is made in gratitude for the knowledge handed down in recent times by many members of the Heavenly Hosts, making life for the Children of God so much more understandable, unencumbered by stress, despite the great difficulties which face mankind at the present time.

In 2004 he was appointed Administrator of a small team selected by Jesus-Sananda to assist in the Second Coming planned for 2005 but delayed as the prerequisites for his return had not been completed and in the publication of the original Truths, to be given first to the leaders of all religious faiths, including the truth of reincarnation and the existence of other cosmic races, with actual visitations expected by 2012. St Isidore of Seville had returned - with very important tasks to oversee.

As we stand on the brink of the most historic event in two millennia, in fact in all of Man's existence on this Earth, this course is recommended to all as a cornerstone of understanding which will quickly raise your level of spirituality to that necessary to overcome all hurdles which may be placed in your path. It will eventually be recognised as essential for the clergy, regardless of denomination, as well as the laity.

Akkadian College of Divinity: St Isidore of Seville returned, patron of the Internet

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