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Today's message from The Man of Galilee

Akkadian College of Divinity: the teachings of Sananda, Esu Immanuel returned


Go into the harvest fields and make disciples of men. Do not be conformed to the ways of religious men, but be completely transformed by the renewing power of My Spirit. Be ready to be lifted up and out of the trickery of men and ushered into the full flow of the Spirit.

Be encouraged, for I am moving rapidly upon the Earth to bring all things into order, all things into submission at My feet. I am the vine and you are the branches. Abide in Me and do not be led astray by the ways of men.

Great grace is upon you, grace that will lead you into the River of God flowing through the nations. I am opening doors that no man can close and closing doors that no man can open. I am making a way in the wilderness, through the briars and thistles, through the opposition. I am giving authority to those of My choosing, to those who truly seek Me in the place of rest. This is the day when I shall bring forth the finished product of the trials and tribulations, a Bride without spot or wrinkle, a Bride made ready for her Bridegroom. This is the "new man" that I have referred to. This is the Bride come into maturity, wholly embracing the will and ways of the Lord, wholly seeking the heart of the Father. This is the product of My continued work of the Spirit to bring correction to a people who are without knowledge and understanding. This is the result of growth in the things of God in the Secret Place, in the place of intimacy with the Heavenly Father.

Be about the Father's business. Keep moving in the direction I am pointing you in. Do not be tripped up by the wiles of the enemy, but move forward in the power and liberty of the Spirit of the Lord into areas of expertise being made available to those whose eyes are opened and ears are unstopped to the voice of the Lord. I am taking you out of the wilderness, out of the wanderings, and into the plan and purpose of My heart. My bride shall be radiant. Upon her head shall be the crown of life and she shall walk in the liberty of the Spirit to be a witness of My full expression in the Earth.

There has never been a day like this day, for I have come to intervene in the ways of men, to untangle the web of lies within the midst of the assembly. I have come to undo the works of men, to burn them in the fire of My fury. I will not stand for the foul play of religious men, but I will expose the error of their ways and set the captives free from their hold.

Go into the fields that are white. Go to the lost, to the hurting, the outcast. Go and do the works that I did. Heal the sick and raise the dead. Perform wondrous signs in the midst of the people that they might know that I am among them. Make a display of My splendor. Do not be content with the humdrum of the Laodecian church, but step out and into the work of the harvest.

I am raising up an army of warriors who will not be content with the way things have been. Their vision is to bring liberty to those who have been bound by years of religion, to set the captives free from the effects of the enemy, to bring correction to those who are in error. I have raised up a banner that will be carried throughout the land. It is a banner of My love available to all who would come to receive of the abundance of good things I have to offer, to those who turn their eyes off the ways of men and onto Me.

Choose whom you will serve, men or God. Choose whom you will give allegiance to, men or God. I am asking that you make the choice, that you do not remain in the middle, but that you choose one or the other. There is coming a time of separation between those who truly know Me and those who only know of Me. The time is coming when the line will be drawn between those who have come into the full understanding of the will of God and those who continue on in the empty practices passed down through their Earthly fathers.

The Heavenly Father invites you to come to Him, to enter into the full spectrum of the revealed will of God. There is no partiality in the Kingdom of God. Either you will enter into My presence whole-heartedly, or you will draw back, yet all may come and partake of the goodness offered.

Prepare ye the way of the Lord. Make the way straight. Declare the goodness of God to those who struggle to understand that I have made a way for them to enter into the Kingdom, for the day is soon approaching when the doors will be closed. Just as I promised, I am coming in glory to those who have longed for My return and I shall share My glory with those who truly are Mine. Just as I promised, I will come to take that which belongs to Me, but for those who are unworthy I will not extend favor.

The day is approaching and almost here when all things will be made new. I am coming soon. Hold on to all that I have shown and taught you and you will be ready for that day. Great grace will carry you through till the end. My grace I give to you, grace, great grace, grace that is greater than all your sin. This is the grace I am sending you in this day, grace beyond measure.

PROPHECY FOR TODAY: through Shirley Lise, August 13, 2003

Read also the Second Coming website, with extracts from daily messages from Esu Immanuel, whose new name is "Sananda". He plans to come to "Zion" in the spirit before going on to Jerusalem and later appearing in the flesh as he promised. In the meantime he has stated that the Church must return to His original doctrines, including that of REINCARNATION, or their congregations will disintegrate, as the public becomes more knowledgeable and can no longer be misled. Clerics should ensure their continued livelihood by studying the information provided in this course, which is unique at the present time.

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