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We offer electronic learning facilities to students from all over the world, enabling them to enhance their social standing by obtaining an authoritative ordination certificate followed by a Bachelor, Masters or Doctorate degree in divinity/spirituality (Divinitatis Doctor). We were the first (and probably still the only) college, school or university to offer electronic courses in spirituality leading to a full doctorate degree. The 'Doctor of Divinity' is recognized as the most senior doctorate of all degrees offered.

We do not offer degrees based on 'life experience' as is the custom with many contemporary institutions. NOR are these 'Honorary' degrees (honoris causa) but rather earned degrees. We hold examinations, although we do offer exemptions/credits for some subjects for previous academic accomplishments.

Tertiary education has become big business these days, and the general emphasis has drifted from education to profitability - resulting in policies dictating that students continue university or college studies for as many years as possible, with tuition fees (as much as $15,000 annually) rising every year. This, plus the cost of local residence, often $10,000 or more each year, puts the cost of such education beyond the means of many prospective students. And many lack the time to attend traditional classroom lectures due to other commitments, such as an existing career. We offer only non-residential degrees in divinity, taught by senior staff with an extensive background in the church or spiritual matters. Study any where, any time, at home, in the public library, at the office, and at your own pace.

Distance Learning or field-based learning has made tremendous strides since the Internet was introduced and is now known as cyber studies. No more 'snail-mail' packages to tutors: communication is instantaneous. On account of this, the 'academic year' or 'term' becomes meaningless: one can study as long, or as quickly as one cares or as free time permits, without penalty. The curriculum remains the same, but it offers great flexibility in planning strategy to accomplish one's goals. There are no semester dates: you can start whenever you are ready.

This will especially appeal to women of all ages, eager to take an active role in the community, whether in the ministry itself, or in some other position. An important offering in careers for women. The 21st century needs you!

In comparison to Systematic Theology and Religious Studies, we deal only in Divinity and Spirituality. We are not influenced by religious dogma, sectarian theory or the need to create another offshoot of the Church. We are not affiliated with any religious or spiritual denomination. We cut through the maze of conflicting and misleading translations of sacred books, altered specifically to control the people rather than educate them, and reveal to you the Truth as it has been confirmed in both old and recent times. It was promised that The Word would once more go out before the ending of this current "age" (a period of approximately 2,000 years). This came to pass most recently in the '90s with the publication of the Phoenix Journals and related material, many of which are stipulated reference books for this course.

Enjoy the incomparable resources made available to us. Rather than promote the theories of the "world's best theologians", as most colleges do, we resort to Higher Authority with uncompromising messages for life today as well as revealing detail of the history and progress of Mankind from the very beginning of time on this planet. Learning has a two-fold purpose: to enhance the spiritual understanding of each individual; and to prepare them for a life devoted to the dissemination of Truth in one manner or another, and of their own choosing. This is an exceptional opportunity to grow in knowledge and wisdom: it will truly change your life, whether you are a student, a member of the clergy, a layman (man or woman) - or just need to increase your spiritual understanding.

The term 'doctor' means 'teacher', therefore those who have demonstrated that they have gathered enough understanding and wisdom to pass on Truth to others are rightly entitled to be called 'doctors'. With the knowledge that we pass on to you, you will be more informed than most of the leaders and highest officials of the various Churches today, regardless of their 'exalted' position! A startling claim maybe, but that we can guarantee ...... for instance: no other college teaches from the new doctrines of the Second Coming or the Dead Sea Scrolls - the original text of the many versions of the Bible and other sacred texts published today and claimed to be 'The Word of God'.

Although its founders have been steeped in the tradition of the Church, their long research, their fellowship with others and help from Spiritual Guides or Masters, has opened up the way to real understanding of the true nature of Man and his relationship to the Creator, to other Higher Beings and the Cosmos as a whole - now made available for the benefit of all!

The very important difference between 'religion' and 'spirituality' should be fully appreciated. Religion is the use of spirituality to control the people and limit their understanding and therefore their true capabilities!

Today's religious education is GOVERNMENT controlled ..... did you know that your church and its activities are subject to approval and control by your national/federal/regional government? Not God's law, but that of mammon!

That is why all religious activities are required to be APPROVED by government. Why do churches give in so easily? Is there not separation between church and state? Yet churches meekly submit (with a few exceptions) to complying with government regulations, including their religious training, bowing to authorised 'accreditation agencies', the incorporation of their 'government' church, and even submitting to annual 'inspections' (the visit by royalty or other head of state to their annual conventions ......). All that will soon change. We are the forerunners of independent spiritual education. Think it over carefully.

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