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  1. Unless you are already there (we distribute brochures, too) ..... visit the website at http://divinity.insights2.org/ and review thoroughly all the material to be found there. This is the ONLY known source for a degree in Divinity/Spirituality - which is an understanding of the relationship between Man, His Creator and the rest of the Cosmos - and is the result of a long endeavour to fill a void in "Religious Education".
  2. Decide whether you wish to obtain just a Bachelors degree or continue on for a Masters, or Doctorate in Divinity. That should not normally be a difficult decision as the cost is the same. If you stop studying after receiving a Bachelors Degree (BD), you could continue on later to complete the doctorate (DD). No extra charge.
  3. Examine the list of subjects in the Syllabus; short-list the actual subjects that you wish to study and therefore those in which you wish to be examined. All subjects shown on the Syllabus web page may not be available and are subject to withdrawal or change at any time before registration is completed.
  4. Are there subjects in which you are already qualified and for which you hold a university or college diploma? Provide pertinent details and apply for credit of these subjects as part of your degree program. A photocopy of relevant documents is normally acceptable and can be e-mailed at the time of application. You will need the name and address of the institution, years of study, and transcript of marks, if these are not clearly shown on your certificate.
  5. Arrange the subjects into actual 'years' of study. In the 'first year' you take any three subjects. Upon successful completion you will receive an Ordination Certificate, unless you have already been ordained and do not require this.
  6. Select subjects for years two and three. Remember that there are compulsory or core subjects as well as optional subjects (electives) and that the complete course of study must be approved by the Dean of Studies.
  7. Decide whether you will pay in full or in installments - you receive a 10% discount for payment in full.
  8. You are now ready to APPLY! Complete the Application Form and send it in electronically. The application fee is $1,000 and instructions will be given on how to make this payment (see FAQ).
  9. Upon approval of your selected subjects, you will be given a Student ID number
  10. Once you have paid the full deposit, and payment has cleared at the bank, you will be given an access code to the locations on the Internet where your textbooks can be downloaded FREE OF CHARGE!
  11. You are now ready to commence your 'First Year' studies and on the way to greatly increasing your understanding of the spiritual nature of Man.
  12. After downloading textbooks as necessary, and Study Guides (if available), e-mail your readiness to take the first examination, stating the subject in which you wish to be examined.
  13. Study carefully the questions in the examination paper which you receive and respond by e-mail. The answers to all the questions are found in the prescribed textbooks, so ensure that you are familiar with the content of each book.
  14. You will receive examination results with comments on your submission. If unsuccessful, you may request a re-examination. Subsequent examination papers will consist of questions different to the previous examinations. If unsuccessful after three attempts, you may be requested to try a different subject or pay a surcharge.
  15. Prepare for further examinations in the same way.
  16. Upon successful completion of your Second Year, you will be awarded a Bachelors Degree.
  17. When you successfully complete your Third Year, you will be awarded a Masters Degree, subject to achieving the minimum marks required.
  18. To continue on for the Doctorate, you must write a dissertation, the subject of which is to be agreed with the Dean of Studies. You will then have higher knowledge that is not normally made available to the general public, nor even those with an existing Doctorate of Divinity! Congratulations!

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