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PREREQUISITES for the Course

One essential is a willingness to devote time to regular study of the course material and a compelling interest in spirituality: the nature of Man and of God. There are no educational prerequisites, but without a reasonable familiarity with the English language, progress might be slow. There are no time limits as such, but a failure to progress satisfactorily may be considered reason to withdraw tutorial support.

Your religious views when you start this course are really immaterial to us. We use today's educational technology and accept all who are willing to learn and are able to participate electronically in these cyber-study courses of instruction. At the moment we offer only English language instruction, but we hope to add German and other languages later on.

Whether your church is Anglican, Anglican-Catholic, Alliance, Adventist, Apostolic, Aquarian, Baptist, Bible, Calvary, Catholic, Christian, Christian Science, Church of Christ, Community, Episcopal, Evangelical, Four Square, Free Church, Greek Orthodox, Huna, Hutterite, Interdenominational, Jehovah's Witness, Jesuit, Lutheran, Mennonite, Methodist, Missionary, Mormon, New Age, Non-denominational, Open Bible, Orthodox, Pentecostal, People's, Presbyterian, Reformed, Russian Orthodox, Southern Baptist, Unitarian, United, United Free, Unity, Victory, Wesleyan ..... or other, we invite you to take part in this understanding of Truth. Have you ever wondered WHY there were so many churches? In the course of your studies you will find the answer .....

The course is open to all regardless of creed, race, colour, sex, age or other discriminatory factor.

You can enjoy these offerings if you have access to a computer and to the Internet. Or perhaps you have access to the Internet at a public library or a coffee-shop. You should have your own E-MAIL address, so that we can send you literature and examination papers. If you prefer, you can also submit papers by regular post. We also require your physical mailing address for registration purposes, and this should always be kept uptodate in our files.

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