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Course No
Study Material
D101 The Human Race Understanding Life
- Professor Milson Macleod
40 "Understanding Life"
D209 Languages 9 Telepathy
- Professor Helen Engel
40 Spiritual Telepathy Course 2010
D305 History 3 The Man of Galilee 40 "And they called His name Immanuel"
D402 The Sacred Word 2 Messages for Today 40 "The Spiritual Watering Hole"
D501 Spiritual Practice 1 The Commandments 40 "The Owner-Operator Manual"


Course No
Study Material
D102 The Heavenly Hosts 1 Man's Cosmic Relatives 40 "The Rainbow Masters"; "Space-Gate"
D103 The Heavenly Hosts 2 Angels of the Lord 40 "The Pleiades Connection"
D104 The Second Coming The Masters Return 40 Messages from Esu Immanuel and others
D301 History 1 Creation 40 "Creation, the Sacred Universe"
D302 History 2 The Church 40 "The Messianic Legacy"
D401 The Sacred Word 1 What is Creation? 40 "Mysteries of Radiance Unfolded"
D403 The Sacred Word 3 The Beginning 40 "Through Darkness into Light"
D404 The Sacred Word 4 The Book of Levi 40 "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ"
D405 The Sacred Word 5 Ancient Texts 40 "The Talmud of Jmmanuel"
D406 Prophecy Interpreting Prophecy 40 "Understanding Nostradamus"
D502 Spiritual Practice 2 Spiritual Healing 40 "Healing 2001"; "The Regression of Disease";
"AIDS: the last Great Plague"
D503 Spiritual Practice 3 Prayer and Meditation 40
D504 Spiritual Practice 4 The Spiritual Breath 40 "The Science of Breath"
D601 Religion 1 Religion and Spirituality 20
D602 Religion 3 The Mormon Ancestors 20 "Moroni Sounds the Trumpet"
D801 Living 1 World Depopulation 40 "Depopulation of a Planet"
D803 Mathematics Cosmic Mathematics 40 "Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse"
D901 Law 1 Church Organisation 40 Common Law and the Church


Course No
Study Material
D105 The Human Race Understanding Mankind 40 "Coming of Age" - Helen Engel, 1988
D201 Languages 1 Hieroglyphics 40
D202 Languages 2 English Grammar 40
D203 Languages 3 French 40
D204 Languages 4 German 40
D205 Languages 5 Elementary Greek 40
D206 Languages 6 Elementary Hebrew 40
D207 Languages 7 Elementary Latin 40
D208 Languages 8 Optional Language 40
D303 History 3 Templars and the Masonic Order 40
D304 History 4 The Plan 2000 40 "Ecstasy to Agony through the Plan 2000"
D407 The Sacred Word 6 The Light of God 40 "God said: Let there be Light"
D505 Spiritual Practice 5 Abundance 40
D506 Spiritual Practice 6 Spiritual Counselling 40
D603 Religion 2 The Pleiades Connection 40 "Return of the Phoenix" Vol 1
D701 The Internet A Worldwide Congregation 40
D802 Living 2 The Great Cleansing 40 "The Winds of Change"
D902 Law 2 The Corporation Sole 40 "The Common Law Corporation Sole"
D903 Etymology Religious and Spiritual Terms 40 "Towards Greater Understanding"
D904 Administration 1 Business Management 20 The new business environment
D906 Administration 2 Church Music 40
D907 The Symbols The Cross 20

Electives in ITALICS are for credit purposes only - not currently offered.

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