Selecting your Course of Study

To help those who are not too familiar with these matters, the following suggestions are made so that you can take in as quickly as possible what it is you really need to know (which might be quite different to what you have been taught before). The course is also designed to help you understand the great changes happening on this plane over the next few years.

These books/articles can all be downloaded or read from the sites indicated to students once they have registered.

The order of study is suggested as follows: first, the FIVE compulsory subjects - (this is why we made them compulsory)

  1. The Man of Galilee "And They Called His Name Jmmanuel: I am Sananda"
    This is the autobiography of Jesus who fills in many omissions in the original texts and corrects the identity of the person who betrayed him - certainly not his favourite disciple, but one with a similar name, son of Simeon the Pharisee, which caused political commotion - so the blame was passed on to a disciple with that similar name.

  2. "Phoenix Owner-Operator Manual"
    The real commandments, known originally as The Law of One, The Laws of Creation and by other names.
    There are not just 10 commandments, but 18, and some of the well-known 10 are questionable. For instance, why would you keep only ONE day out of seven 'holy'? - Might that be called 'part-time' Christianity?

  3. "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ"
    received by Levi in 1907 as "The Philosophical and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World" - a much more accurate version of New Testament times than the traditional 'New Testament'. Not perfect, but a distinct improvement on the traditional versions. Levi was born in 1844 in Ohio as Levi H. Dowling and started preaching at the age of sixteen. Very early in life he had a vision that he was to "build a white city": this vision appeared three times over some years. This book was transcribed from the 'Akashic Records', between the hours of 2am and 6am - the absolutely quiet hours.

  4. "Understanding Life"

    An introduction to understanding life itself, our journey through this Earth plane, and our relationship to Higher Beings.

  5. "The Spiritual Watering Hole"

    This website contains some 50 articles and you might find it useful to read an article now and again as a break from studying other subjects. The sections Angels Amongst Us, Great Expectations, Poetry, and 'Understanding Life' (which is covered elsewhere), are not covered in this examination.

    followed by one of the Core subjects, possibly:

  6. "Spiritual Telepathy 2010"

    This should really be a compulsory subject for the clergy as one of the advisements that the returning Messiah has made is that, after the Second Coming, each congregation should have at least one telepath available who can receive messages and directives directly from Him. This course in spiritual telepathy should be available by the end of 2006 and will be complemented by meetings/seminars.

  7. "The Spiritual Breath"
    Perhaps the best explanation of the difference between 'traditional' breathing and the Spiritual Breath, and how it changes the physical body, by Ramacharaka. ..... OR

  8. Man's Cosmic Relatives: "The Rainbow Masters" and "Space-Gate"
    An informative background to those who have advanced to much higher levels and are now our willing 'Master' teachers, important especially at this critical time in the history of mankind.

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