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Year 1 Consists of any THREE subjects. 40 Credits is given for most courses successfully undertaken
(40 credits is the norm for a university course lasting the full academic year)
On completion of Year 1, you may apply to be ordained (appointed) as a Minister within the
Temple of St Michael.
Year 2 Year 2 consists of THREE compulsory subjects, plus any THREE optional subjects
(including Year 1 subjects passed)
Upon completion of Year 2, you may take the examination for a Bachelor of Divinity.
Year 3 Year 3 consists of THREE further compulsory subjects, plus any THREE further optional subjects
Upon completion of Year 3, you may take the examination for a Master of Divinity and
write a dissertation for a Doctor of Divinity.
Doctorate A minimum of 480 credits plus a 2,000 word thesis on an appropriate, approved topic is required.

The subjects to be included in the course of instruction must be agreed upon with the Dean.
Compulsory subjects may be substituted for any 'optional' requirement.
"Year" is not to be interpreted as implying a specific timeframe

"Put your hand in the hand of the one who stills the waters.
Put your hand in the hand of the one who calms the seas.
Take a look at yourself and you'll see your brother differently.
And put your hand in the hand of the man of Galilee."

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